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the season and fashion meet unexpectedly,  Replica Hermes bags come and enjoy the mid-year discount

Every summer, what words can make women crazy? That is, which dress should I wear today? What should I buy for my shirt? The correct answer is: Come and see the Essence, the Psalms, and the sounds of the anti-season sale. That’s right, it’s time to change your blood for your wardrobe! Come to the expensive, enjoy the cool, enjoy the discounts of the brands in the middle of the year, enjoy the latest fashion elements.

From last year to this year, the resurgence of Replica Hermes bags is an obvious phenomenon. If you don’t have a striped item in your closet, then you can’t say that you are a hipster! From New York to London, from Paris to Milan, in the street shooting of various fashion weeks, if you count the most fashionable elements, it may be stripes.

It is precisely this classic version that allows all fashion women to wear it in a completely different style, with sneakers looking casual, retro style with pointed high heels. Yi Gao people are daring with matching jumpsuits, handsome and stylish. I have mastered my own fun in constant change.

Replica Hermes bags
Replica Hermes bags

Patterns are an indispensable part of the fashion trend. The 2018 pattern has a very different style from the minimalist style of previous years. The mixed and layered patterns are the trend of 2018. The combination of plaid, stripes and prints seems to be conflicting, but in reality it is mixed. In the street shooting, we can see that many trendy coffees use such elements to mix and wear, the most common of which are romantic prints and vintage florals.

Contrast color is a major trend that has become popular this year. The color contrast combination of high saturated color is the main point of age reduction. For example, spicy oil red contrast color clear blue, spicy oil red is more restrained than red red, more passionate than wine red, is a kind of retro red with a woman’s taste, exudes an irresistible enthusiasm. The clear blue sky with the expectation of clear sky is like a road to adulthood, which means broad and continuous, and promises a new day. This color is comfortable and wide, and it is refreshing. Spicy oil red contrast color clear blue will extend more imagination space, creating a unique visual effect.

brand history

Replica Hermes bags: The opportunity of the times is the “gene” of the development of the leaps and bounds; respecting the ingenuity and promoting the original design power, it is the innovative password of the shadow.

From Professor Wang Qingzhen’s “Ingenuity” art exhibition to deepening cooperation with Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, he will carry out the “Art of Time and Space” creative art exhibition; and in 2016, Yinger will establish the “Shadow Art Creative Fund”. During the “Creative December” in 2017, Ying Er and 20 college art freshmen performed “the beauty of fusion”. In the 2018 fashion Shenzhen exhibition, the film will gather six major art colleges and join hands with the new generation of art to create a better future. In terms of supporting the new generation, the shadows continue to deepen.

Read a city from the reform and opening up, and see the future of the company from an innovative attitude. With the fascinating charm of art and the new generation of celestial emptiness, continue to write the story of the era of the shadow.

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