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In our traditional concept, the living room is the “face” of a family, and it is also the most important activity place for the family. Therefore, Replica Hermes Birkin is often necessary to occupy the golden position of the family. It is accustomed to use the old standard of “television + sofa + coffee table”. Three pieces, to support the style and value of the entire home.

However, Replica Hermes Birkin with the development of the times, the traditional living room layout has long been no longer adapted to the diverse needs of modern young people. We have to admit that under the popularity and impact of smart electronic devices, TV sets have become a kind of decoration unconsciously. If there are no guests visiting, it may not be able to open several times a year. The usage rate is too low!

Replica Hermes Birkin is undoubtedly a waste for small units with limited space. In fact, any good design is “people-oriented”. If you are not willing to let the living room become an idle area, you may be able to change your mind and boldly break the situation in the TV area to make the living room a true fit for the needs of the whole family. Living space.

Nowadays, Replica Hermes Birkin concept is popularly called “Family Core Area”. Its main significance is to break through the unchanging routines and make the functions of the living room more diversified –

    Replica Hermes Birkin stays in the same area, doing their favorite things, both to enhance the feelings and not interfere with each other, thus redefining our living space.

For example, a family with children can turn the living room into a multi-functional space that integrates amusement, learning, leisure, and office, so that adults and children can generate more interaction and communication in the same space, even if they concentrate on their work. It also allows the child to perceive the warmth of companionship and make the family happy.

In order to prevent accidental bumps in the children, Replica Hermes Birkin  in the living room should avoid sharp edges and corners. Try to use low-rise furniture with rounded corners to make them climb up and down to create a safe and comfortable space for activities.

For the SOHO family,  Replica Hermes Birkin is no clear boundary between work and work. If you want to work in a comfortable environment, enjoy it, and even be full of endless energy, you must blend the space of life and work.

The living room at home is the best choice, you can put a large long table, with a soft combination or single sofa, a book wall, a side and a carpet, a comfortable and comfortable office area You can definitely enjoy a more relaxed and ideal life.

Replica Hermes Birkin
Replica Hermes Birkin


For families with rich book flavors, you can completely get rid of the TV mode and transform the living room into an open family library.

In this way, the wall-filled book is not only a background decoration, but also allows us to enjoy a soul journey by reading in the leisure time, and even cultivate the children’s interest in learning. “The role of Oh!

If the family often invites friends to come to dinner, activities, and parties, then the layout and function of the living room will be more “socialized”. Add multimedia audio-visual equipment, tea room, tatami area, etc. according to the needs, so that you can switch at any time and flexibly meet the requirements. The needs of various scenarios.

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